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MePad Makes A Better City
An interesting fact to consider is that thermal energy consumption has accounted for 53% of total industrial energy consumption. To create thermal energy, we often burn up a considerable amount of coal, kerosene or petroleum. This can have serious impact environment.
Now we can use solar energy to replace previous thermal energy sources. If 10% of thermal energy consumed by tobacco, food processing, papermaking, textile, chemical engineering, woodworking, plastics, and pharmaceutical industries can be provided by solar energy, then an annual energy savings of 26.63 million tons of standard coals will be achieved. This will also reduce carbon dioxide emission by 86.82 million tons.

MePad Makes A Better Life
Me Pad provides customers with energy saving solutions without compromising the user comfort. Parallel to the implementation of energy conservation measures, an intelligent system is also in effect to makes household life happier, more fashionable and comfortable than before. That is why Me Pad solution has become a preferable choice for many high-end consumers.

Himin Solar incorporates into its
Micro-Emission Smart Packaged Design solution the most advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, and cleaning energy techniques. Thanks to the Me Pad solution, micro-emission or even zero-emission has become a possibility within the production and living domains.
The deployment of MePad technology marks a significant point in the development of Himin Company. It indicates Himin Solar has completed the upgrade from a simple hot water solution provider into an integrated MePad supplier. Himin Company is pulling ahead in the race of world
fifth revolution.

MePad Leads A Transition in Urban Architecture
Inhabitants living or working in Chinese domestic buildings burn up nearly 0.9 billion tons of standard coals. This figure accounts for 30% of total social power consumption. Forced by the pressing need for energy saving, many homeowners and real estate developers turn to solar air-conditioner, solar powered cavity wall insulation, and solar doors and windows for help.

MePad---A Leading Indicator of Future
As climate change is becoming a global concern, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao,US President Obama and many other domestic and foreign politicians will continue to push ahead with its plan to explore new energy and energy-saving solutions. New energy development and energy saving industries will undoubtedly become the most prosperous, lucrative businesses.

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