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    1. You can enjoy the delicious food outdoor now. No need fire, no need carbon, no need LPG or electricity…The food can be cooked totally by sunshine.
    1. The solar powered barbecue grill, a self-developed patent product produced by Himin Solar Co., Ltd, combines the function of barbecue, as well as soup and porridge cooking, etc.
    1. This solar cooker for three meals a day is designed for the rural area where the poor persons have very low income and use wood or trees to cook. They have to spend a lot of time to look for woods for fires. They are also influenced by the smoke from the open fires. Smoke is a major health hazard, responsible for 2 million deaths annually. This solar cooker can help with preventing those.
    1. Solar Powered Decorations Cabbage, moral "put money," the meaning of wealth. Cabbage also moral innocence, the symbol of pure character.
    1. Solar Powered Battery Charger Our solar power bank is a new type of portable solar charger with high efficiency mono solar panels with peak power up to 7.6Wp.
    1. Solar Powered Fan Hat The solar hat uses solar energy as its operating power. It has a unique appearance and it is easy to carry. When the solar panel is under direct sunlight, the fan on the hat will move; its speed depends on the strength of the sunlight.
    1. Solar Picnic Camping Set Our solar picnic camping set includes three solar BBQs, meal package, solar tent, solar refrigerator, solar lantern, solar charger, multifunctional solar flashlight, solar anti-mosquito lamp, solar fan, solar toy car, solar cap.

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